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Where Purpose Meets Performance

Investing in the Impact Economy

What we do

WE INVEST FOR IMPACT – with a commitment to transparency and authenticity, we guide the flow of capital towards investments targeting competitive financial returns, as well as positive environmental and social impact.

We’re moving fast to change the investment landscape, to embed impact alongside the calculus of risk and return.


/ By offering a curated selection of high-integrity impact opportunities to more investors, we lead the transformation of financial markets to integrate impact, and in doing so, shift economic incentives away from extraction and towards regeneration /

Changing the way we invest

Risk / return / impact

Investment Approach

We have funds management at our core, grounded by an experienced team of professionals specialising in renewable energy infrastructure and debt funding.

To scale our capabilities, we partner with expert investment managers that can deliver informed and transparent execution of impact outcomes alongside competitive returns.

This combination forms the Sentient Impact Platform, a model that adapts to client needs, and broadens the scope of investment outcomes we can deliver.

Our impact

Impact is embedded in the full investment cycle, it’s the core driver of everything we do, and we strive to lead the way on transparency and authenticity.

We go beyond simply measuring outputs, our aim is to deliver real-world outcomes. We embrace the power of capital flows to make positive change, and it’s our view that this can be a driver of superior performance.

Our investment and impact priorities are informed by our network of investors, unearthed through deep-listening and driven by our proprietary impact measurement and management process.

Systems-Change & Advocacy

To achieve our mission, we need to inspire positive impact beyond our investment footprint. To build an impact economy we need systems-level change. It will take organisations, like us, focussing our voices on advocacy and influence.

Our economy doesn’t have to follow the centuries-old model of extract > consume >then throw-away. This is costly to the planet, and it’s not economically efficient.

We see a better way, to realign business incentives away from the norms of extraction and over-consumption, and towards regeneration.

Impact Opportunities