Finance as a force for good

Sentient Impact Group aims to change the game. We unlock the power of capital and prove that finance can drive the transition to a better and more sustainable world.
Profit and impact must align. The world needs a more sustainable future, and capital can power the journey.

Sentient is an impact investment company that uses capital for transformative effect, to deliver positive financial, environmental and social returns. ​

Sentient has the unique collective capability to match vast investible funds to high-growth projects with deep and measurable impact.

Founded on the shoulders of pioneers in impact investing, this pedigree and the ambition for change has become a magnet for those who want to rewrite the story of capital. We have brought together a powerful combination of investment experience with deep expertise across clean energy, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity and social impact.

The Team

Sentient Impact Group combines specialists dedicated to impact with the highest level of institutional experience. The result is a truly unique, purpose-driven organisation — whole-heartedly committed to leading the way across impact, responsibility and capital.

A catalyst for change

Through our networks, we have access to innovative investments and partnerships and our community of investors has funded solar farms, green buildings, and the start-up years of mission- driven businesses.

We pursue opportunity relentlessly, manage risk wisely and remain resolute in our commitment to the positive impact of every dollar we invest.

And we want to be a catalyst for others.

Our approach to will summon a more sustainable, inclusive economy through collaboration with those who share our vision and values. This is how we promote alliances and build scale to create a sustainable future.

We are actively contributing to a shift in mindset and action, helping shape a new world where every investment is an impact investment that benefits the many not the few.

“Human beings are not born with dollar signs in front of their eyes. The real human is both selfish and selfless at the same time. If we include the selfless part of the human being into economic theory, then it changes completely.”

Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Laureate and founder of Grameen Bank


Our Philosophy

Put simply, what we all seek for humanity and our planet is disconnected from where most of our money is currently invested. This has to change.

We are working to transform crucial economic systems, demonstrating how environmentally conscious and socially responsible investments can become the new normal.

We employ an active, hands-on approach to impact, forming partnerships with businesses and investors to deliver win-win scenarios; protecting our planet, diversifying portfolios, and generating strong financial returns.

Our Story

Sentient Impact Group was formed out of Small Giants and Impact Investment Group, with a decade-long record of leadership and performance in impact. Our purpose is to have impact at scale and redirect funds to investments that provide genuine impact and commercial returns.

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