Associate Director and Senior Development Manager, Clean Energy Solutions

Venetia Roberts


Venetia comes to Sentient Impact Capital after 5 years at Impact Investment Group (IIG) as Senior Development Manager in the Renewable Infrastructure team, having been instrumental in managing the development and delivery of multiple solar farms in Australia which comprise IIG’s two solar funds (approx. $230m in assets under management). Venetia brings expertise that spans and intrinsically connects the technical, commercial, regulatory and engagement aspects of development – taking projects from acquisition through construction and commissioning; managing the multitude of project stakeholders, contractors and consultants throughout the project lifecycle; ensuring alignment and driving achievement of the key project milestones in a timely and effective manner. Prior to this, Venetia had over 8 years consulting experience, 6 of which in her own consultancy, advising clients from a range of sectors: SMEs, corporates, property developers, manufacturers, energy generation developers through to water utilities. Driven by a strong interest in renewable energy and the transition to a zero carbon world, Venetia’s areas of expertise include energy and low emissions specific planning and strategy, renewable energy opportunity identification, business case development, facilitation of solution integration and implementation, and market and policy context. Venetia holds a Master of Energy Systems from the University of Melbourne, an energy-centred cross-faculty Engineering/Science/Business course.

With an avid interest in the economic, environmental and social equity impacts of the energy and low carbon transition, Venetia pursues an purposeful and positive outcome driven professional path. Outside of work, travel, connection, art, theatre, the ocean, food and wine, are Venetia’s passions.