Sandro Voegeli

Sandro is a Director in the Growth and Transactions team with more than 20 years of consulting and industry experience.

Before joining Sentient, Sandro was one of the founders of Energise Partners – dedicating his career to a sustainable future. Prior to that he worked as a Director at Deloitte’s Corporate Strategy team and at EY-Parthenon, leading multiple growth strategies and working in a key role of the privatisation of the NSW electricity transmission and distribution assets. His experience ranges across a wide range of industries, such as Energy, Health Care, ICT, Aviation and Financial Services. Before moving to Australia, Sandro lived in Switzerland, Canada and Thailand.

Understanding the complex and severe challenges we are facing today, Sandro decided to use his skills to make an impact and help to stop and reverse the damage done to our planet. He is passionate about clean energy and future technologies, which will allow us to keep evolving while ensuring that earth and everyone who lives on it are not harmed – today and in the future.

Sandro holds a Master in Information, Media and Technology Management from the University of St. Gallen and a Bachelor in ICT Management.