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To build the impact economy, by delivering investment opportunities that shift capital away from extractive business models and towards a regenerative future

Investing In Positive Change

AS INVESTORS – we direct financial capital to grow, support and inspire dynamic businesses and projects. We view the challenges of our current economic system as an opportunity to invest in positive change.

We’re harnessing the power of capital markets to deliver solutions to intractable problems like climate change, biodiversity loss and social dislocation.


We see it all through the lens of impact. It informs the outcomes we seek to achieve, and it helps us identify opportunities for stronger returns – it’s our driving force and our competitive advantage.


Our aspiration is to be the leading impact investment firm in Australia, with evidence and accountability flowing from our commitment to transparency and authenticity.

Impact team

Our high performing impact team utilises best-practice impact measurement and management tools to trace the success of an impact hypothesis from strategy through to execution. Regular reporting will allow us to compare ambitions with results, while also sharing lessons learned along the way.


Board of Directors & Corporate Trustee Board