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Australian Financial Review editorial, ‘Sentient buys WA land for ‘forever fund’ tackling carbon, biodiversity’, 29 March 2022

By 30 March 2022News

The Sentient Impact Group and our partners Tiverton are proud to announce the acquisition of our first parcel of land in WA.

This 1600ha, 100km NE of Albany in WA’s southwest, is our first carbon play seed project that will ultimately expand to form a larger biodiversity corridor and allow us to sequester terrestrial and soil carbon at scale.  We’re thrilled to be able to announce this project, covered by the Australian Financial Review. This is a credit to a great team and the power of collaboration which enables us to structure innovative investments that will have both a positive environmental as well as financial impact.

Sentient buys WA land for ‘forever fund’ tackling carbon, biodiversity (