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Zen Energy And Sentient Impact Group Partner To Reduce Carbon Emissions In The Energy Sector


Sentient Impact Group announced today that it has worked with ZEN Energy to deliver a $20 million capital solution enabling ZEN to support the delivery of new solar and battery assets to support ZEN’s existing customers, as well as further renewable energy offtake agreements needed to support ZEN’s growing portfolio of 100% renewable customers.

“ZEN Energy’s purpose is to lead communities into the zero-carbon world. This means doing things differently to how they have been done before in the energy industry. Our work with Sentient is another way that we can partner with forward thinking organisations to deliver on the development of key renewable assets into the market,” said ZEN Energy CEO, Anthony Garnaut.

“The team at Sentient collaborated with ours to structure a great deal. It brings capital into the business so that we can grow our renewable footprint and extend our retail supply to customers with aligned climate objectives,” added ZEN’s Chief Financial Officer, David Stegehuis.

A pure play impact investment business, Sentient Impact Group developed, and will manage, the innovative capital financing structure for ZEN. This funding will support the expansion of renewable energy and storage solutions for ZEN’s Australian customers and continue to generate measurable environmental and social impact.

According to Lane Crockett, Executive Director, Renewables, Sentient Impact Group: “ZEN Energy Group is a leading, respected organisation that is driving this sector’s transformation. We were buoyed by the opportunity to work with a diversified, new energy company that is completely focused on accelerating government, commercial, and industrial sectors to clean energy,” he said.

Oliver Yates, CEO Sentient Impact Group added: “We know that this financing structure will support ZEN Energy Group to expand its business and further support the transition to renewable energy.  The more innovative approaches that organisations like us and ZEN Energy can take to put more capital in the system, the quicker we can transition to a better and more sustainable world,” he said.


Sentient Impact Group is challenging the world of investment by using capital at scale for positive, environmental, societal, and financial impact.

Sentient brings together a powerful combination of Sentient experience with deep expertise across clean energy, regenerative agriculture, biodiversity, and social impact, with a high calibre team who are collectively driven to prove that capital can power the transition to a better and more sustainable world. It uses capital as a force for good, investing at scale to tackle the hard problems across three themes: reduce climate emissions, value nature and biodiversity, and support equality and quality of life.


ZEN stands for Zero Emissions Now, our call to action to drive change into everything that we do.

ZEN believes that Australia has the potential to be a superpower in the zero-carbon economy. That we can each change a small portion of the world. That together, single acts can right the future for the next generations. ZEN exists to change the world by changing the way we think about energy: the way it is made and the way it is sold.

Our renewable energy solutions help people make a positive impact in their organisations and their homes. We bring innovative ideas such as advanced demand management whilst – always focusing on helping our customers to reduce their impact on the environment.

Founded in 2004, ZEN has installed 35,000 renewable energy systems across Australia and is immensely proud that two ZEN systems are currently in the top ten largest rooftop solar installations in Australia. As an energy retailer, ZEN supplies energy to the South Australian Government, CSIRO’s sites in New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory, the SACOME Buying Group and twenty-five local regional councils in New South Wales.