High-performing portfolios dedicated to impact

Sentient Impact Group harnesses financial capital to create a social foundation for all, regenerate our planet, and generate long-term financial performance. Our products deliver significant value for people and the planet.

It is this approach that helps individuals, family offices, foundations and institutions to invest in impact opportunities in line with their values.

Investment solutions

We believe that aiming for systemic change is our path to meaningful environmental and social impact, as well as long-term financial performance. Our vision will be brought to life through targeted investment solutions in clean energy; land, water and air; resource efficiency; and place and social impact.


Clean Energy

Investments in producing, storing, using or converting renewable energy


Land, Water and Air

Investments in enhancing Australia’s unique natural resources (land, ocean, air)


Resource Efficiency

Investments in optimising, reusing, reducing, recycling of energy, water, and products


Place and Social Impact

Investments in improving health, reducing inequality and promoting empowerment

Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Sentient Impact Group manages six renewable energy facilities in Victoria, West Australia, the ACT and Queensland, structured under the Solar Income Fund and the Solar Asset Fund.

Our renewables business provides the opportunity to invest in the high-quality infrastructure that is part of Australia’s long term transition to a renewable energy system.

The management team and our funds’ directors comprise some of Australia’s most experienced leaders in the renewable industry.

A true win-win scenario

Diversification, innovation, growth, risk — it all leads to impact.

We believe that to accelerate change, impact and performance must go hand-in-hand. It is why Sentient Impact Group always aims to deliver outstanding financial returns alongside environmental and social benefits.

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