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Biodiverse Carbon Fund

Established by Sentient Impact Group (Sentient) and Tiverton Agricultural Impact Fund (Tiverton), the BCF aims to address two critical and interrelated challenges facing our planet: the accelerating decline of biodiversity and the escalating impacts of climate change.

Healthy, biodiverse ecosystems underpin societal wellbeing and economic stability and are a vital tool in addressing the climate crisis. Despite this, the regeneration of nature and biodiversity has been historically underserved by investment capital. Sentient and Tiverton have come together to offer a scalable and investable model for biodiversity regeneration through an innovative investment approach.

The Fund’s purpose is to invest in regenerative land management projects that aim to protect and restore biodiversity.  Target returns are facilitated by the generation of high-integrity Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) with biodiversity co-benefits, which will be offered only to businesses committed to emissions reduction.

The investment opportunity

  • Investment in regenerative land management projects with targeted biodiversity and habitat restoration outcomes;
  • High-integrity, biodiversity enhanced ACCU creation generating targeted competitive returns; and
  • Team expertise in investment and fund management, biodiversity and land management.
Key investment details

  • Eligible Investors: Wholesale and sophisticated investors only
  • Target Return: 9-11% IRR net of fees
  • Minimum Investment: $200,000
  • Distributions: The BCF aims to pay annual distributions subject to cash and liquidity requirements


You can also download the BCF Fund Flyer here: