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What impact means to us

Our impact investment strategies are designed to generate (net) positive impacts, steered by a sophisticated measurement process, in pursuit of competitive risk-adjusted returns.

Our Impact Investing Approach

Our Process

Impact potential

When screening the impact potential of an investment, we’re assessing: its urgency, whether it’s equitable and durable, as well as the unique contribution that Sentient can offer.

impact Measurement

While we hold an asset, we measure its impact across a set of standardised metrics to gauge progress and direct our focus.

Impact management

These insights are used to inform impact management, to effectively guide decision-making along the full investment cycle, to ensure we’re supporting our stakeholders.

Our impact is your impact

We’re driven by the ambitions of our investors, as much as their capital. We view ourselves as facilitators of positive impact, contributing impact as part of a value chain that includes our investors, partners and final beneficiaries.

Our ‘Theory of Change’

Our hypothesis for how change will happen:

/ By offering a curated selection of high-integrity impact opportunities to more investors, we lead the transformation of financial markets to integrate impact, and in doing so, shift economic incentives away from inefficient models of extraction and towards regeneration. /

Impact Strategies and Themes

We view investing through an impact lens, and we recognise the topography of the modern sustainable investment landscape has many layers.

Our investment strategies

Our bespoke approach to curating investment strategies allows us to cover a range of impact themes. Our current suite of products target the following:

Impact Themes

  • Take Climate Action, Reduce GHG Emissions
  • Value Nature and Preserve Biodiversity
  • Support Equality and Social Wellbeing

Impact Measurement and Management